Keeping the sunkissed effect in October :



I have started Uni back in early September and I feel that since then all of my tan has disappeared. The weather has not be so great in France during the last month and I needed a product to keep feeling a bit tan and not like winter has already started.

I have read quite a few blogposts about the Cushion de Soleil by L’OREAL bronzer, so I decided to give it a go. It was the first cushion product I have ever tried and I thought it was very good. I don’t use the applicator that comes with the product because I don’t feel it’s very hygienic I am not really sure how to clean it… I use it with a brush and it’s perfect, I lightly deep my brush in the product and I get the perfect amount of bronzer for my face.

I love how the product nearly melt with my foundation, while still giving me a nice glow and a lit of bit of tan. I was afraid that the shade would be a bit orange or muddy but it is actually very nice and subtle.

Have you tried this product ? What did you think ?

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3 réflexions sur « Keeping the sunkissed effect in October : »

  1. I have not had much luck with these type of products as they tend to make me orange. Glad this worked!

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    1. bookslipsticksandtravels 30 octobre 2017 — 21 h 43 min

      I am the same ! But I found a few great products recently I will share them on the blog soon !


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